Split Shank Halo Engagement Rings

Read here about what you should know when shopping for split shank halo engagement rings!

Split shank halo engagement rings are rings that have a halo and split design. The halo is a circle comparable to that on saints ring, while the split is at the arms of the ring.

The halo may be made of various stones with additional decorative features. The halo defines the type and value of the split shank halo engagement rings.

There are some basic customer guide or hints that will help you select the best split shank halo ring.

How to buy split shank halo engagement rings?

split shank halo engagement rings
The most important aspect when buying an split shank halo ring for engagement, is the quality of the center stone at the halo. The best stone should be expertly cut and well placed.

The gem should be conflict free with your skin. The best brands are Bijoux & Bijoux and Jeet Palavwala. These designers provide the best cut and design of the center stone at the halo and firm shanks.

Fine quality split shank halo engagement rings should be passed down generations. Shop at the best jewelers for these unique products. Lest you get a fake, gem or ill advised. Insist on a suitable return policy and always take your time.

Do not make a mistake when purchasing this important item, assess the following issues when choosing a split shank halo ring for engagement .

Consider the Brand of the engagement ring

Split shank halo ring is a superb item if well made. The detail in the ring and the fitting of the detail in the ring should be precise.

How is the diamond cutting? is the metal corrosive? how is the polish, does it glow the right way and other issues are answered by the brand. You get to know what to expect from the brand name.

Monique Lhuillier makes good split shank halo ring for engagement. Consider it when shopping.

Asses the gem type and color in the ring

The gem type is the ring in split shank halo engagement rings. If you are getting a split shank halo ring, consider the gem at the halo. The gem is the most important component of the ring.

Is the gem white diamond, diamond or other naturally existing precious minerals? In some cases, the gem may have a message it conveys. “Diamond are forever” is an adage that has always been associated with the diamond in the ring. If you do not know what to go for, pick white diamond.

The selected gem could be influenced by the color at the halo. Purple or blue gem are unique and can be selected. Blue topaz, sapphire or a combination of the gems with silver are choices you consider when you need a colored gems.

Ruby and emerald are ideal gems for red and green gems. Amethyst is also an option you may consider for colored gems. You should know that the type of gem would have a bearing on the cost of the split shank halo engagement rings.

Weight of the engagement ring matters

The split shank halo engagement rings makes a good reference on weight because it has the average weight of an ideal ring. The weight of the ring is important.

Although the jewelry collection will have their rings in standard weights, to be sure with your engagement ring you must consider the weight.

Some rings are heavier because they are not expected to be worn daily. Engagement rings should weigh around 2.20 grams. The value may vary. An easy way of determining the best weight for your ring is to try it out. If it fits you, feel it.

Width of the split shank halo ring for engagement

The width of the split shank halo ring reflects the size of the ring. Engagements are surprises. You may find yourself in a situation whereby you do not want your fiancé to know about you intending proposal.

Say the split shank halo ring has to be the statement of the proposal. You have an obligation as the person who wants to spend the rest of your life with her to know her ring size. You may want to ask one of her friend or take one of her old rings for fitting.

Watch live a beautiful custom split shank halo ring


Everything about the stone

It is the stone of the split shank halo ring that she will be concerned about. Of course the metal will be of significance but that’s easy. Check the type of rings she wears.

Does she like silver or gold, the two choices are the most common and can be easily deduced.

Let us get back to the stone. These are what you should consider in a stone.

1. The number of stones

2. The stone weight

3. The stone shape

4. Color and clarity

1. Number of stones

Some split shank halo ring are 27 gems some are even 47. The number of stone reflects on the value of the ring. When shopping for a split shank halo ring, you have to consider the number of stones the ring has. The number of stones is a reflection of the gems in the ring.

2. Stone weight

The stone weight affects the overall weight of the ring. There are heavier stones and lighter ones. The type of stone and the weight they put on the ring is a factor of the weight of the particular stone.

3. Stone shape

The shape of the stone adds an aesthetic value to the split shank halo ring. The stones come in various shapes. The shapes usually affect the design of the ring and have an influence on how the ring looks in the finger.

4. Color and clarity

The color and clarity of the stone cannot be ignored. The best colors for a diamond in a split shank halo ring would, be between either J,I,H,G,F,E or D.

It is the common color and it is the color that is near colorless. It has unexceptional display of diamond value. It is always recommended.

Gem clarity reflects on the detail. The best clarity level for diamond are FL-IF, WS1-2. VS1-2, SI1-2 and I1. By specifying blue Nile diamond, you will select the best color and clarity.